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A Summer Sendoff and a Fall Kids' Craft

Today is the last day of summer. . . . let's allow that to sink in a minute. . . . . OK, that's enough.  It's just plain sad, and there's no use dwelling on it.  We did some things to send it off well today, though. We went to some garage sales, played at the park and even bought a treat from the creepy guy in the ice cream truck.  Does it get more summery than that?

I guess it's time to embrace the change in seasons, so this morning we did a fallish craft (before we did our hair).  It's really pretty self-explanatory.  I'm a little blue about the summer thing, so I'm not really feeling all tutorial.

That's dirt smeared on her face, not more freckles.  You just missed the carrot mustache pose.




Now we have some lovely little candy corn cards and bookmarks for Nora's Nook at the show in a couple of weeks--and some extra carrots for a nice hot soup--for tomorrow.  Tonight we eat salad!