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Stuff I Don't Need

IMG_1547You may have spent your Thanksgiving weekend shopping.  The Flores family went junking.  We have this thing for treasure hunting.  After the traditional turkey dinner, we went on a little non-traditional metal detecting trip on the site of an old homestead nearby. That's our little place yonder in the distance.

I wish you could hear the squeaky, creepy sound of this old windmill clanking against bare branches.


IMG_1545 IMG_1554 IMG_1558IMG_1546







We dug up a shovel head, lots of nails, a hangy thing Mom says is used for horse tack, part of an old trowel, fence posts, and a crock top. . . . . . . . 

and Nora collected beer bottles. We left most of our treasures where we found them.

The next day we headed to Ely Lane to pick up a refurbished dresser for use as a new TV console. I've been wanting to slowly work more mid century pieces into the living room arrangement.  I like how it all came together on this wall . . . (but what is that creepy program on the tv?)

but what resulted was a room full of furniture that was all the same height. Disaster was averted when we made use of the old TV armoire in the corner, but I've still found myself with a tiny house bursting at the seams with heirloom furniture I can't seem to part with and a collection of beloved mismatched chairs that just don't fit! And we haven't even gotten the tree yet!  So, who wants to borrow a mission-style rocker and a curio cabinet until I decide to rearrange again?

On the bright side, these "modern" touches give me a new love for the orangey birch trim all through the house that I hated so much in the beginning, and I changed my mind about the green paint on the walls today.   Check out this cool arrangement featured on apartment therapy from a paint color portfolio on green living rooms.  And I thought my room was small!


 Contentment is bliss!