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Winter Color Pop

Vintage Linen to Feather the Nest

Day two of Nora's flu-recovery marathon:  I used to get so much done when I had a sicko in the house.  Not this time around.  I need to get the Etsy shop restocked for spring, but I'm not feeling much like revving up the machine or putting pencil to paper.  To help get the inspiration flowing, I rummaged through my vintage linen "cutter" collection last night and found a few things that, fortunately, got me back at the sewing machine, but, unfortunately, are not destined for the shop.  

The first was this sweet piece of embroidery.  



Nora oohed and aahed when I showed her, so I clipped it to a pants hanger and hung it up on her peg rack in her room.


The other gems I found were these forgotten pillow cases made from barkcloth that a friend had given me.


I've been in need of some new pillow shams since I threw my 10-year-old Martha Stewart ones away a couple of months ago (#1stWorldProblems), but these ended up being a tad too short for my jumbo pillows, so . . . . . 


I added a taupe linen ruffle to the side (fabric provided by another generous fabricaholic friend), and voila! free new pillow shams!  

The snow is blowing outside again, but now there's a little spring inside!