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A Gift Idea for a Special Valentine (Tutorial)

This morning a wave of ambition crashed into me, and I've been riding it all day long.  Woohoo! I did a load of laundry (hung to dry, because there's an emergency LP shortage people), cleaned the bathroom top to bottom, and almost completely finished eight coffee cup cozies.  


For Christmas I gave Nora's teacher one of these cozies hugging a Starbuck's paper cup.  Inside I tucked a gift card and wrapped it all up in pretty tissue paper (Do you always want to sing that jumprope song when you say that? "Wrap it up in tissue paper, send it down the escalator, boy, girl, twins, triplets. . .. ").  I thought you might like to learn how to make a similar gift with the addition of a little tea bag and tag I came up with this morning.  Here we go!

First, take any purchased tea bag and remove it from its envelope.


To make your own pretty tag, start with a paper tag measuring about 1.5" x 3".

 Fold in half and trim the corners on the back side to match the front.


Place the existing "bag tag" inside your new folded tag.


I have this super cool decorative stapler that I stapled all three layers together with at the top.  You could use a regular staple or glue, if you don't have one of these.


For the envelope, open up the purchased envelope and trace the pattern onto thin decorative scrapbook paper.  (Pay no attention to that old lady hand model!)


Cut out the pattern and fold in half with the flap sticking up.


Now use your sewing machine to stitch up the two sides.  Don't forget to backstitch a couple of times at each end to hold in place.


Slip the tea bag inside the new envelope, 


fold down the top, and secure with a little piece of washi tape.


Now embellish your tag (I used an ink pen, some rubber stamps and some chalk),


and you're ready to slip your new tea bag inside any paper cup or ceramic tumbler (with one of my cozies, of course) along with some fresh crisp tissue and a gift card.  Voila!  A pretty little project for your Valentine!  


The cozy above is now available in my Etsy shop with FREE SHIPPING, and will soon be joined by a couple more.  Now through the end of February, all cup cozies purchased will come with a free tea bag and tag like this one!  Happy Valentine's Day!

~Love, Jessica