Spotlight on Vintage Calendar Towels

Yes, yes I did spray paint that.....

Every year, I get a bumper crop of volunteer tomatillos in my veggie garden.  They are the most beautiful little verdant fruits that look like Japanese lanterns and are the main ingredients for my green salsa.  


I always have more than I need, and many end up rotting on the plant and dropping to the ground.  

Over the winter, the firm, green tomato-like fruit desintigrates, and, in the spring, I find their skeletal remains scattered like lacy globes across the barren garden.  


I've always thought they would be so pretty dipped in gold. So, this weekend, I did the next best thing--I sprayed them with some metallic silver paint I found in the basement.


The transformation was pretty magical, don't you think?  Next year I think I won't worry so much about letting them rot on the vine!