Five (maybe 6) Ingredients for a Fabulously-Organized, Budget-friendly Kid's Room
A Handmade Soiree

Call me vain, but.....

IMG_3817....I do like to have a vanity in my room.  In my last post, I told you about an old hutch we removed from Nora's room in the mini makeover.  With only 1,200 square feet in this little house, we have to be very creative with our furniture (which is why my growing chair collection has become a bit of a problem).  DH wanted this particular piece to hit the road, but I have a very sentimental attachment to it.  We picked it up at a yard sale in the neighborhood of our first home when I was expecting and fixed it up with a new coat of paint and reglazed windows. It has held Nora's special things ever since, and I just could not bear parting with it.

I decided it would replace my little vanity in our bedroom, adding more storage for accessories, the height the room was lacking in furnishings, and the elbow room we needed in the main thoroughfare.  Never mind that there was a mirror on that wall!  I love the layered look anyway!  


So, I continued layering baskets and scarves, artwork and hats...



hung more art inside on the backboards... IMG_3804

propped a vintage mirror in the corner....IMG_3806

and shopped for containers of all sorts from around the house to corral all of my odds and ends.



Here is another idea from a nearby corner.  I've been using this old wooden hanger and a few S hooks for a necklace organizer for years.


 And vintage suitcases are always handy.  I use this one to stash extra gift items for last-minute occassions.


 Now that I have more of my stuff organized inside and piles of other stuff to pitch, it's time to move outside for a garage sale and a patio makeover!