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Call me vain, but.....

Five (maybe 6) Ingredients for a Fabulously-Organized, Budget-friendly Kid's Room

This Spring Break while everyone was headed south to the beach, we stayed close to home and took on Nora's clutter-busting "bigger girl" room makeover.....right after a trip to Legoland....


I wish we had a before picture, but you know how it is when you're motivated to dig in--there's no time for thinking ahead. Just suffice it to say that I had heart palpitations sometimes when I entered the room.  

First we moved out some of the mismatched furniture: a white farmhouse-style hutch (look for that repurpose in a future post), a Daddy-built kitchen (went to the basement toy room), a trashy plastic chest of drawers from the closet, and an old wicker cabinet housing doll clothes.  

Then we invested in four elements to get everything organized:

  • Two tall bookshelves ($30 each on sale at Target)
  • One storage bench ($95 at Target)
  • Two under-bed storage drawers ($30 each at IKEA)
  • Several canvas bins for the bookshelves ($15 total at Alco)

In order to make this "recipe for success" work, you must have a child who is willing to part with some stuff.  Bless her heart, Nora was so excited about her new room, that she pitched a boat load of toys!  

Here's how it turned out


Until I find some permanent artwork, we went with some of the publisher posters I picked up at the the Public Library Assoc. conference last month to accent her reading nook wall.  

Number five on your list of ingredients must be a colorful handmade accessory or two, such as the bunting I made between the shelves and the little pillow made from a favorite T-shirt.  It's unbelievable the difference those two things made in the room.  



Everything has stayed in place for a month now, so I think the arrangement is going to be a success.  The only thing I'd like to add is some ball fringe to the curtains.  If anyone has a source for some in the perfect coral color, please do share!