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So, You Want to Do a Craft Fair?

Spotlight on Vintage Calendar Towels

A couple of years ago I bought a giant lot of vintage calendar towels at an auction for a song.  I've been offering them in my booth and on Etsy for a while, but have had no more than a bite or two. For my show this weekend, I decided to cut into them and stitch them together to make something new.  

I give you the calendar furoshiki bag 


. . . and a pair of 80's pillows that look a lot more cottage charming than what Momma probably had on her couch in 1981.


These are made in the envelope style, as you can see on the back side, so you can easily slip them off and toss them into the wash, or swap them out for a new style later.


How would you repurpose some of the other towels on my stack?