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Psst. . .

One of my fabric designs is up for the weekly favorite contest on the  Spoonflower  blog starting on Monday, June 1st.  If you have an account, you can vote for me.  If I win, you'll be able to buy the fabric in the spoonflower Etsy shop, and I'll win some free yardage!  

For A Lucky American Girl



I designed this special mini messenger book bag for this weekend's annual American Girls Club Tea Luncheon at the Nappanee Public Library, where I work as a communications specialist.  One lucky girl will win the bag during a prize drawing at the end-of-season event.  I just love the funky granny print--it's a perfect mix of punk and pretty.  

The blue dotted lining reminds me of a little puffy "sunsuit" with spaghetti straps my mommy made me when I was about 5 years old.  I know there's a picture of it somewhere.  Can you find it, Mom?

Evie's Bag


I finished my first attempt at a diaper bag this afternoon.  It goes to my newborn niece, Evie, and her mommy.  The fabric is from BJ Lantz for Studio e fabrics.  It has lots of pockets, a hidden magnetic closure and an adjustable strap that ties onto bamboo rings.  The pattern needs a bit of tweaking to cut down on the slouch, but once it's stuffed full of diapers, bottles, and blankets, it should fill out nicely.  . . and, I still need to trim the stray threads and remove the basting, so don't look too closely at my seams! 



Lilac Time


It's time once again to bring in the lilacs!  This has to be my very favorite spring-time ritual.  We are blessed to have two old lilac trees at our new home.  The one with lighter purple flowers is just about finished, but the new bouquet I brought in today has the most regal deep violet color and double blooms.  Heavenly!  


Sewing Update:
Spring Into Art was a great show this year.  I sold several pieces of stitchery to new customers, and met some really talented artists, including Debbie Kilmer, a new fiber artist who makes the most beautiful fiber beads, handbags and other accessories using really fascinating techniques.  

Here is a pic of one of my new "pinked" posey pins:

The basic idea comes from a Heather Bailey blog post, but I have tweaked mine quite a bit to make it more appropriate for spring.  These are so cute pinned to a cardigan or a bag for a pop of color and pattern.  I can't wait to make more.  Before I do, there is a diaper bag to make for my sweet, adorable new niece, Evie, and her Mommy; a custom zipper pouch, and a top secret project making its debut in Nashville soon!