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The Briar Patch


Despite an early afternoon of unexpected rain, our day last Saturday at the Briar Patch in LaPaz was a great time of relaxing, meeting new friends and artists, and enjoying some mother-daughter time. Our friend, Phyllis, owner of the lovely country perennial gardens, did a wonderful job of staging the event --would you just get a load of that refreshment stand?! I didn't notice until today that that horrible modern vehicle was in the background ruining my nostalgic shot!

Here's how our booth turned out:


It needed about three times as much stuff in it, but we'll keep working on filling it up for next time around! The woman next to us had the cutest potted herbs and flowers. They were all done up in antique containers--feed scoops, vintage canisters, enamel cookware, wooden crates--even a big wash basin. Here's a corner of her booth. I love the cherry pie table cloth.


You can find Mary Vogel every Saturday at the Plymouth Farmer's market selling the same wares.

This week I'm spending a little time each day listing some new bags, stationery and other items on my Etsy site. You'll see a little peek of some of them flashing on my etsy badge over there on the left. Visit my shop and see what's new!

Party time

It's a beautiful spring day!  An afternoon birthday party and graduation open house are on the schedule. I'm scurrying to keep up with the disaster inside the house, so I can enjoy the afternoon.

I made this pennant garland earlier this week from vintage fabrics, seam binding, and old buttons to finish off the loop on each end.  I think it adds a bit of flair to my little garden shed--handcrafted by my talented hubby.  But you know it will be for sale in my booth next weekend at the Briar Patch.  I shall make more for my own summer soires later in the season!


Fresh Laundry


A new "load" of gift card holders fresh from the craft room.  These were made from my own homemade scrapbook paper featuring patterns scanned from my collection of vintage fabrics, rickrack and old buttons.  Wouldn't they be great for a grad gift?  


A Tale of Two Bags

I made these two very-different Amy Butler swing bags for my sister's friend, Erin.  She shall choose the fairest of them for her own.

The first is very vintage--made from an old tablecloth and some of my favorite coordinating vintage cotton.  It's a soft, slouchy bag--so comfy.  It had a few tiny holes in the outside fabric, so I just put some little appliqued flower patches over them for added character! It has one large pocket inside.


The next is made from some of Amy Butler's own line of fabric in mustard and gray.  It's more polished, crisp and modern.  The applique on the front was taken from part of the pattern in one of the coordinating fabrics.  I free-stitched it on, so it has lots of ziggy, zaggy lines through it. This bag has three pockets inside.



See that little white tag inside?  I got some new custom logo tags from Etsy.  Now I'm a pro!