Little Black Bag
The Secret's Out of the Bag

A Little Something Sweet


While working on a little secret for someone special, it occurred to me that some of the dear little people in our lives might like a fancy handbag once in a while.  So, I pulled a few scraps out of the mounting pile, drew up a simple pattern, and stitched this little ditty for Nora late last night and this morning.  I'm thinking this just might spark a few Mother/Daughter sets for my Etsy site in the near future!


It features some now -out- of- print fabric by Heather Bailey and an oh-so-versatile aqua-colored polka dot I picked up on a lovely girls' day trip to Lolly's in Shipshewana last week.  If you go, you'll want to make sure and grab lunch at the Garden Gate Cafe, which is oozing with charm--retro oilcloth on the tables, condiments and napkins delivered to your table in candy-colored lunch boxes, and a delish menu chock full of fresh veggies and homemade baked goods. 

And!  don't forget your camera, so you can blog every bite of Jojo's pretzel, every stack of Robert Kauffman 30's repro prints, and every buggy clip clopping down the picket-lined streets.