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More Diaper Detail

Nora and her daddy are out having some fun with Grandma and 'Buelo this morning, so I've had some time to finish up my latest diaper bag.  I wanted to put together something that was a little smaller for a short trip running errands, or maybe an evening dinner out.


I was so fortunate to have been given a piece of the most adorable vintage print featuring little girls and boys in hiking gear with bunnies and trees and tulips.  It has to be at least 50 years old, but is in mint condition, and the colors are so hip!  I used new repro fabric I found in Shipshewana and was so pleased how well it coordinated--I didn't even take a swatch to match it!  


This time I remembered to put in my tag.  I added a vintage button and bias tape loop and tied the strap up with a slip knot, so it can be adjusted to sling over your shoulder or across the chest.  I'm pretty proud of myself for the clever thinkin' on that one! :)  


Pocket count:  4 interior, 2 side bottle pockets, one front patch pocket = 7

I'll be adding this to my Etsy site soon.