A Little Something Sweet
More Diaper Detail

The Secret's Out of the Bag

Yesterday I alluded to the fact that I was working on a little surprise for someone.  Now that the surprise has been presented, I can divulge the details.  

Somehow I think I failed to devote a post to one of my favorite bags ever created.  I call it the dimple bag . . . 


I don't know why--maybe because of its crisp little pleats down the front, or the punchy Amy Butler polka dots, or the mismatched vintage buttons at the corners. It just says "dimple" to me! It was made from my own pattern using a fantastic piece of vintage flour sack acquired in a good old fashioned barter with my friend Shannan, who ended up purchasing it back from me in the form of said dimple bag.  I decided it might be fun to use the scraps to create a little girl's purse for her dear little Ruby, who turned three last week, and here is the result:


There is really nothing so sweet as to make something by hand for a friend whom you know will appreciate every stitch and imperfection.  

Tomorrow I work on bag number three for the week-- a mini-version of my diaper bag for quick trips around town when you don't want to use a big ol' duffle.  I'm using some amazing old 40's vintage print.  Wait 'till you see it!  I was just connected through Facebook to an acquaintance from high school who is now making some really adorable children's clothing.  Check out her site at trendysisters.  Millissa has inspired me to bulk up my inventory, so I'm on another sewing spree this week.  With rain in the forecast for tomorrow, I won't feel so bad staying in on a summer day.  Not too many left!  The cicadas are singing outside my window right now--a sweet lullabye. . . .