Tonight in the Village

Columbus or Bust!

Last Friday morning Dan and I dropped Nora at Grandma's and set out into a thick fog heading east--toward a wonderful weekend birthday/anniversary celebration.  Our destination was the Country Living Fair in Columbus--but first there was a quick meeting with a dear old friend in Mansfield, a stop at "Wholly Craft" in Clintonville, 


and a late dinner at "The Happy Greek" on High Street--Keftedes and a Pita dip sampler, followed by Pistachio Baklava--all yummy!  

I was less than diligent with the minute-by-minute photo commentary, so there is no picture of Jodi and me during our shopping trip at Gabe's, the picturesque lone windmills on the side of the highway, nor the 100mph mini van with the "PITCHFRK" license plate, which eluded us for miles soon after we entered Ohio.  What I can share are these stellar pieces of eye candy from Saturday, where the real fun begins!:


Here is the real reason Dan wanted to come to the Fair.  He also made sure to attend the hot dog topping cooking demo in the Country Living Kitchen:  carrot slaw, cherry mustard, and tomato relish.  Good stuff!


Framed art at Bloomsbury Loft

This was hands-down my favorite booth, and the first one I stopped at.  I bought one of the lovelies above with a "J" as well as a frilly little yellow crepe paper posey--still imagining the possibilities for that one.  Here are some more shots from their booth:


Owls are all the rage lately, but these are really special--look at all of that texture and pattern and color!  Seriously, I would have to shoot myself if I brought home another plush animal figure to this house, so little Mr. Hootey was left to find another owner, which I'm sure all of his friends did before the weekend was over.


This genius display got my wheels turning for my own display.  I think I may have to kidnap the vintage tandem Schwinn over at Mom's for my booth at the Barn Sale in October.  I even found a circa 1980 bike basket at an antique shop on High St. later that day.  Perfect!

Next was a stop at the famous McMaster & Storm


I was giddy with excitement that I got to meet the sweet clerks behind the counter of this remarkable little department store and shop their unique wares. I chose a little glass vial of aqua-colored mica dust sealed with a cork, a box of oh-so-cool French safety pins, and a yard of vintage-looking crushed-velvet rickrack.  I felt like a real lady from the olden days shopping for fancies at the local general store!

While I was shopping, I was making notes as I became inspired by all of the creations and snapping pics of some creative displays:


I love the yard rakes adding a hand to support the braided garlands on this booth!

I also met another crafting diva of Etsy fame, Lisa Price, who makes some beautiful block-printed textiles and sells a really swell variety of mid-century "goodies" that would be oh-so-at-home in my kitchen. 


I just love the way she groups everything by color inside her booth.  It's like a pack of jolly ranchers in there!  I can almost taste it.  The best part about my stop here, though, was my surprise find of the day--another huge vintage dogwood-print tablecloth in green--just like the one I've used to make several of my most popular bags.  Wow!  I never thought I'd see another one, and my first one was whittled down to nothing.  How exciting!

Other buys included some vintage bingo cards at two-for-a-buck from Urban Farmhouse , a stack of 15 quilt blocks for $5, and a darling little needle-felted fairy for Nora, complete with curly red hair and an acorn hat. 

We wrapped up our day by heading back into Clintonville to visit Sobo Style, The Boomerang Room, Mad 4 Mod vintage clothing and interiors shop, and a delish vegan restaurant, where I chose an avacado sandwich on whole-wheat croissant.  Dan had pierogi and kraut.  Here he is enjoying his dish.  You should have seen the cook!  I wish I'd had the nerve to ask for a picture.  I loved Dan's remark after his first bite:


"That hippy knows what he's doin'!"

My gift of a weekend ended with my darling husband taking the scenic route home just for me--through little burgs and burbs all the way into Indiana: Neptune and Pleasant Mills, Wapakonetta and Decatur--all of them glowing with brilliant swirls of gold and green beans under a bright blue afternoon sky. Though I didn't make Dan stop the car to shoot it, the image of a cautionary "curves ahead" sign against a red, weathered barn is still fixed in my memory within a view-finder frame.