Two of a Kind

Treasure Hunting

Last night Nora and I were tipped off by her daddy about a vagabond pumpkin growing in the field near the house.  We set off at once to "investigate", as Sid the Science Kid would say.

Nature 004

Nature 002

Turns out that basket full of squishy mini pumpkins I threw out last November grew into a new little plant--smack dab in the middle of all of those GMO, herbicide-ridden soybeans.  That's one tough pumpkin! 

There are several more blossoms and buds, so I hope we are able to harvest some more of the pretty white-husked beauties before the combines come in and swipe them all away.

With our irritating yet faithful dog, Harry by our side, we packed our favorite adventure tools--camera, butterfly net, magnifying glass, and bug catcher box--and began exploring our big back yard for more autumn treasures.

We found rosehips,

Nature 007

a new crop of fall raspberries and some interesting button weed seedpods that refused to be photographed, and many flowers still in bloom

Nature 006

Nature 008

Nature 003

including more volunteer surprises like this sunflower.

Nature 009

Soon the mosquitos began to carry us away and the light began to wane, so we were forced to pack up for the night, but we were happy to find that there is still plenty of beauty unveiling itself in nature as the weather grows cooler and the dark grows longer.  Step outside and find it for yourself, and mark your calendars for Oct. 4--the Harvest Moon!