Two of a Kind

French Market Barn Sale is this Weekend!!

I've been spending almost every waking moment stitching up Pillows and Posies, Pennants and Cozies--all for the sake of the first annual Junk Evolution French Market at Meadowbrook Farm in Goshen this coming weekend.  You can find out all about it on the Junk Evolution Blog.  When I'm not sewing, I'm dreaming up little display vignettes for the booth (I'm hoping the lady next to me in church yesterday did NOT see the sketch I was working on during the sermon), and I think it is going to be oh so chic!  Come find out what I do with a couple of old shutters, a dress form, my mom's Schwinn cruiser and yards and yards of vintage scraps! 

Speaking of mom, she's going to lend a few hand-knitted items to the booth too:  some lovely nubby camera cases and felted flower pins.

There will be plenty of antiques, art, jewelry, and food, so bundle up, bring your little wire cart on wheels, and don't foget a mug full of your favorite steamy drink.  The sun has promised me to shine!

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