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Last Weekend's DIY Obsession


Mary Ferguson, from the 1988 "Lion's Pride" yearbook
When I was in fourth grade, our elementary school was being remodeled, so we "made camp" on the high school auditorium stage and several other weird places for classes.  Mrs. Ferguson's Earth Science class was in the auditorium lobby and was lined with boxes of rocks.  I loved her for her kind and funny ways, her puffy white hair, her leisure suits, and one particular Christmas project I will never forget:  the Christmas card kissing ball.  She let me stay in from recess to make several of them at one of the seats in the auditorium with the flip-up desks. 


Heather Bailey recently revived the project by popping them on the end of a stick.  If something's good, it's better on a stick, right?

For the past few years I've been saving my Christmas cards in hopes of finding an equally-enchanting project.  Enter The House Heart Ornament created by the talented Michele Pacey of and discovered via Pinterest. (Does it bother you that all of the best and brightest ideas on the web have all of a sudden been lumped into a nameless heap on millions of boards and given no credit to their creators? "oh, I got it off o' Pint'rest," they say.  It bothers me, so if you're pinning anything here, mention my blog in your pin.)

Anyway, now that I'm done with that rant, I will tell you that these things are addictive.  I thought I'd give one a try and that would be that: I'd lose interest, Nora would get frustrated, I'd be left with a giant mess, and we'd hang the redheaded stepchild ornament on the tree.  . . . I ended up finishing 10 of them, and still have the glorious mess on my kitchen table this morning with two more in the works. IMG_1738

I cut out almost 150 little house templates and barely made it out of my pajamas Saturday and Sunday.  They are that stinking cute.  

They are also a great little last-minute gift to have on hand and a fun craft to make your last week before the big day merry.  Go to for the tutorial, and keep these tips in mind to make the job a little quicker and easier:

  • When making your house template, just draw up half of it, position the opening of the heart on the fold of a greeting card, then trace (think valentines).  This way, you'll have a perfectly-symetrical house AND you won't have to use an exacto knife to cut out the heart. 
  • You'll get about 2 flat house pieces out of one greeting card, but if you position a whole template (not half) just right on some of your larger ones, you can cut more.
  • Use a really good paper craft glue (my favorites are Liquid Fusion or or TomBow's Mono dual tip adhesive), so you don't have to wait for drying time.
  • Stack all 12 templates on top of each other-- don't do it in groups. If you have a good glue, they will all hold up fine.
  • Thread the string through top and bottom with a big needle--I have a plastic one used for children that worked great.
  • Use a little children's cup to hold the cup upright while the bead on top is drying.

Mom found some pretty baker's twine at T.J. Maxx a while ago and split the pack with me.  I love how it looks with the wooden beads from Nora's jewelry kit.   IMG_1729
Go make some of your own!

P.S.  You'll be left with dozens of pretty little hearts with fun surprises on them.  What would you do with these?  I would like to stitch them together on the machine for a fun garland.