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Garden Tour and a New Summer Wreath


There is so much excitement this time of year in my back yard!

Dad and I planted some dahlias this weekend. I'll have Hootenannies, Peaches & Dreams, and some little pompommy things I forget the names of. They are going to be glorious! I'm dreaming of how to dress up the tops of the rebar posts. Maybe glass bottles or wooden finials painted pretty colors.


Remember that perfume called "Muguet?" I bought a bottle of it from G.L. Perry when I was a teenager and enjoyed wearing lacy antique blouses and reading Bronte novels. My entire yard smells of it right now thanks to the lily of the valley. I can almost smell the peonies already too. They are so close to popping! If you're coming to Madison Road on May 30th, be sure to stop by the children's tent and buy a jar of blooming ones from Nora!

The veggies and annuals have been planted too. I went with deep burgundy, rust, black and red this year in the pots.


...and tucked moss rose into every nook and cranny, including our crumbling back stoop steps.


I've been hanging on to this pretty oatmeal container, and finally planted it with rosemary. I've got a recipe for rosemary strawberry shortcake calling its name.


My old mailbox is back too!


The Petosky stone turtle is keeping watch over the landscaping,


but the tree frog likes a loftier view (from the clothesline).


Finally . . . I've got an ancient grapevine wreath on the garage door that needed some TLC, so I tied it up at the "corners" with twine and added this sweet canvas banner that I made with fabric markers. Since taking the picture, I've waterproofed it with melted beeswax, and the rain just beads away! The verse is from the song "Big Rock Candy Mountain."


I probably won't have any of these available for the Madison Road Market, but they will be perfect for the Briar Patch show in June. Where could you see one in your yard? Any ideas for other verses to write on them? I'd love to hear what you think!