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Rained Out and Breaking In

If you're hangin' out in the Midwest this summer, you're getting wet. I'm talkin' about buckets and buckets of rain. It hasn't been good for the art fair season. It rained through half of my first show and kept me from attending my second. That's why I was thrilled to see that there was absolutely 0% chance of precipitation for this weekend's show. Maybe we had found a window!

Some of my dear friends had agreed to let me use their family mini van, Mom was signed up as co-pilot, and the event promoter was doing a bang-up job of getting word out.

When I got to the venue, I was tickled to find that one of my virtual friends, Honey, from Honey Shea Studios was setting up right next to me. We got to meet for the first time as booth buddies!  

I always panic during setup, because my inventory is constantly changing, and I never know how it's all going to come together. Essentially, I'm trying to assemble a charming, homey boutique in a box within 2 hours. I'm sure my nerves and indecisiveness were driving my mom nuts, but, in the end, she helped me keep my cool and put together a decent display. . . and when I was finished, Honey informed me that the time zone had changed, so I actually had half an hour to spare!  


The crowd was pretty good at the start, the artist amenities were great, there was music, there were flowers, . . . wait, I think that's a song. . . anyway, it was a slow, but enjoyable show until about 3:00, and then the rain started coming down. Thankfully, there was no wind, but the organizers decided to call it quits anyway with a few hours left to go. I was hoping for a dinner crowd, a rally, but I went home with close to net zero after travel expenses. It's nobody's fault. It's the nature of the game.


Most sellers don't divulge this kind of info to their followers, but I'm spilling it, because I realized something just today: it's that I don't need to travel for hours to make a break into the big city market or the big-bill show (thank goodness, because I'm just not ready for a mini van). My largest, most loyal following is right here at home with my friends and theirs. Listen, your friends and family can only make so many "pity purchases" from you, so if they keep coming back, it's because they like your work, they really like your work! "Grow where you're planted," as they say!

Take heart, makers. When your next big show is a bust, break for the gummy bear factory on the way home and be grateful for the journey! See selfie of Mom and I doing just that on my Instagram feed here.