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Look for Me at Art Beat - August 29, 2015, in South Bend

Twelve years ago I was a new gallery owner, a prolific painter, and one of the charter artists at a brand-new show in downtown South Bend called Art Beat. I set up shop on a sidewalk in front of an abandoned building and sold a few framed watercolor paintings in the dark. Sure, it was dirty and dim, and my neighbors may have been selling art they created with a squirt gun, but there was an excitement in the air and an indescribable feeling of "studio to street" contact between artists of all skill levels and genres that the area had never experienced. 

I"m back this year and excited to be part of the anything-goes bohemian art-o-rama. Walk through the various scenes and you'll find Hoosier Salon award winners, crafters, performers, beginners, insiders, outsiders . . . and me! 


Here's a freshly-framed ink and wash contour drawing of this summer's moss rose I'll be offering in my booth in scene B (right next to a bunch of my artsy friends). Click here to get to the Art Beat Website for all of the details.